Below we compare German football teams as of Feb 2016, which are active in European competitions with their opponent team in the next round of the European competition.

FC Bayern vs Juventus Turin


FC Bayern München shows continuously a higher TPIX than Juventus Turin, despite Juve’s CL-Final participation last year and Juve’s current run. However German Bundesliga shows a higher TPIX-level in general and FC Bayern performed very well in CL this season until now.

2016-02-19 08_57_47-TIX Modellwerte Stand 2016-02


VfL Wolfsburg vs KAA Gent

VfL Wolfsburg shows a negative and KAA Gent a postive trend in their TPIX slopes. However Wolfsburg’s TPIX is still above Gent’s TPIX and therefore Wolfsburg has a higher chance to win.

2016-02-19 08_58_06-TIX Modellwerte Stand 2016-02


FC Schalke 04 vs Shaktar Donetsk

Due to an earlier winter break in the Ukraine TPIX calculation of Donetsk stops around matchday 12 of German Bundesliga. According to the TPIXs of the teams we expect a tight match.

2016-02-19 08_58_23-TIX Modellwerte Stand 2016-02

FC Augsburg vs Liverpool

Before winter break in Germany FC Augsburg showed a strong positive trend, which ends in a smaller gap than expected between TPIXs of Augsburg and Liverpool.

2016-02-19 08_58_47-TIX Modellwerte Stand 2016-02


Borussia Dortmund vs FC Porto

Due to lost matches against PAOK Saloniki and 1. FC Köln, both teams with a significant lower TPIX than Dortmund, the TPIX of Dortmund went down before winter break. According to the TPIX we expect a tight match between Dortmund and Porto, with Dortmund having higher chance to win.

2016-02-19 08_59_01-TIX Modellwerte Stand 2016-02


Bayer Leverkusen vs Sporting Lissabon

TPIXs of Leverkusen and Sporting are very, very close. Due to latest performance Leverkusen shows higher chance to win.

2016-02-19 08_59_16-TIX Modellwerte Stand 2016-02