Andreas Henking is founder and owner of RiskSIM and works in the fields of risk analysis, risk controlling and risk management since 1994. He holds a degree in statistics from LMU in Munich and received his PhD at TU Dresden. Since 2001, Andreas works as statistics and risk consultant as well as trainer for credit risk related topics. Main focus of his professional activities lies on sport statistics, operational risk, credit risk portfolio modeling, rating/score development and validation.


Markus Thamerus is partner of RiskSIM since 2015 and has experience in quantitative projects since 1996. He worked over 15 years in the financial industry with focus on risk & rating models, portfolio management and business development in different leading positions. Since 2015, Markus works with RiskSIM as consultant on scoring models and sport statistics. In the field of business analytics he concentrates on impact analyses regarding optimization of risk or client issues. Markus holds a degree in statistics from LMU in Munich, where he also received his PhD at the institute of econometrics.