Europe Finals 2016

Charts below show TPIXs over the whole season of all teams participating in finals of European football competitions and German cup competition, finishing with TPIX as of May 17th.

Examples below are no recommendations for betting or other applications. Since football is a highly stochastic, uncertain and volatile game it is the nature of indices like TPIX that teams with lower TPIX can beat teams with a higher TPIX.


UEFA Champions League Finals 2016

Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid

TPIXs of both finalists are very close. Atlético’s TPIX most recently decreased a little bit due to a lost match against Levante, a relegated team of the Primera Division.



UEFA Europa League Finals 2016

Liverpool FC vs Sevilla FC

TPIX of Liverpool is higher than TPIX of Sevilla. However, Sevilla show a most recent descending TPIX graph due to having lost the three last matches in the Primeria Division.



DFB Pokal Finals 2016

FC Bayern München vs Borussia Dortmund

TPIX of Bayern is above that of Dortmund over the whole season.