Player Valuation Score PVS allows assessment and comparison of players within and between leagues and countries on one scale. The PVS is mapped directly to a fair value of a player, which is an indicator of its market value.

  • PVS consists of several components TPIX, PCS and PPS. Each component is standalone applicable
  • Comparability is given by consideration of the strength of current and recent opponents
  • Strenghts and weaknesses analyses including what-if-scenarios
  • Comparison and evaluation of player profiles overtime
  • PVS designed by statistical models



PVS scale ranges from 0 to  1000

Players of different teams can be compared with respect to their playing positions, on the overall PIX level as well as on the level of the sub-scores. Furthermore an economic evaluation is possible.

PVS is suitable for the use and modification in scouting. Many other applications of the PVS are possible:

  • Analysis of (opponent) teams and players
  • Identification of most improved players
  • Identification of over- and underrated players
  • Talent detection and talent development
  • Scenario- and capability- analysis